Clearing the Barriers to Accessing Your Intuition

taught by Jennifer Mckenzie
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Jennifer Mckenzie
Jennifer Mckenzie
Psychic Medium, Metaphysical Educator & Healing Channel

About the instructor

Jennifer Mckenzie is a Professional Psychic Medium, Inutitive Coach and Metaphysical Educator who's work spans the globe
Jennifer is a natural born Psychic Medium and is trained as a Certified Channel for healing, who's gift is to activate other Divine Creatrix's  to become laser focused with their own Intuitive abilities & unlimited potential to create a life of passion on purpose! 

All her life she has been "tapped in" & having Psychic/Mediumship experiences that she didn't begin to acknowledge and work with until her late 20's but has immersed herself in personal transformation & the excavation of past conditioning for two decades now & has been facilitating & sharing her wisdom as a Metaphysical Educator for the past 10 years.

With an ignited passion in service to others, Jennifer's work has touched 3 continents, 8 countries and multiple Provinces and States throughout North America.  

She facilitates with passion, confidence and a sprinkle of humour, helping others to access and embrace their unlimited selves by assisting them to access their own potential within. She loves teaching Metaphysics because knowledge + experience = true wisdom and empowerment and there is no greater gift than witnessing someone recognize their own true greatness. 

Relevant Education

University Preparation Diploma of Social Services - 2005

Certified Shamballa Multidimensional Healing Master 2004

Certified Usui Reiki Healing Master 2005

SIY (Search Inside Yourself) Mindfulness Meditation Training at University of Toronto w/Google 2017

Meditation Training with Toward Stillness 2010

Meditation Training with Willpower Institute 2007

(NLP) Neuro Linguistic Programming Practitioner 2019

2014- Present (Ongoing) training with Dr. Joe Dispenza in the field of Quantum Energy, Neuroscience and Advanced Meditation

Numerous Workshops and Classes in Psychic Mediumship out of Lily Dale New York with world class Mediums: Lisa Williams, Colette Baron Reid, Sharon Klingler, and Lilydale Resident Mediums: Elaine Thomas, Ann Toth & Ellen Bourne

Move from feeling overwhelmed to empowered by learning how to shift from living in stress to navigating your life with ease using  your intuitive guidance system. 

Improve your confidence, feel more self assured making those big life decisions & ignite your inner magic to co-create your life on purpose! 

Course Contents

13 Videos
12 PDFs
2 Audios